works well with people, numbers, and words


These are some of my projects, in various stages of brilliance or disrepair.

JacksonMC : Web development and Google Street View
Hearing Loops Unlimited : ADA-compliant assistive listening technology
Times New Jackson : Jackson's Front Page
Local Wellness List : Medical group to help people eat, move, and relax.
Allen Booth : E-commerce for American craftsmen
Lemuria Books : E-commerce for Mississippi's best book store
Nancy's Candy : E-commerce for Mississippi's best candy store
Complete Supply : E-commerce for specialty hardware store
Gold Star Games : E-commerce for sports memorabilia
Zoltar Machine : Manufacturer of the machine from Big
Green Farm Toys : E-commerce for John Deere dealership
Pioneer Linens : E-commerce featuring luxury linens
Synovia : GPS for the transportation industry
Maersk : World's largest shipping company

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The Bible Rhymes : The good news in simple rhymes
Hannah's Heart : The adorable world of a beautiful girl
A Usable Feast : UX blog
Face Photo Collage : Art project
WoO Dirt Sprints : Racing blog
Trip to France : Reflections on a trip
F1 2012 F1 2011 : Commentary as a fan
Dogs : Our fast-growing pups
Learning new Words : Language blog
Huge Debt : Articles to avoid debt
Cash Hat : An idea for personalized homepages


I love time with my wife and family, gardening, writing, racing, and managing complex projects with awesome teams.

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