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Six core strengths stand out in my business experience to help you problem solve and grow, aside from being an all-around helpful guy that can move your team forward.


Drawing on experience with senior management in corporations, small businesses and startups, I can help you prioritize goals and implement efficient direction to your team's work.


Getting it done. Rapid, agile, iterative. Focused on moving forward with corrective modulation to achieve goals established by stakeholders.


Have managed P&L, budgets and balance sheet for four businesses, and provided financial analysis & reporting to executive teams at four other companies.


Operational efficiencies drive improvement to the bottom line, and I bring an analytical mindset to properly allocate resources in company initiatives.


Front-end development and testing, sketching, storyboarding, mockups, product management, and user research with an emphasis on detailed observations.


Excellent narrative and copy. Graphically, more mockups than finished design, used as part of visual storytelling method.

Second Chance Technologies

Strategy, product testing, financial analysis in development of Buy Happy app.

Allen Booth

Founder of e-commerce brand of America's craftsmen.

Complete Supply

Launched e-commerce division of specialty hardware store.

Gold Star Games

Co-founder of coin-op equipment and sports merchandise online retailer.

Pioneer Linens

Director of E-commerce at 100 year old luxury linen retailer.

Maersk Line Limited

Data analysis for USFlag division of global shipping company.

Vanderbilt University

Graduated in May 2001 with majors in Mathematics and English, and a minor in Communication Studies.
GPA 3.33, awarded degree cum laude. President of student-run ice hockey club.

Good business sense

At the end of the day, teams need leaders with the ability to make good decisions. Never rash by the heat of the moment, nor aloof by inaction, rather we all want to work with people who promote good spirits and progress the team further toward the goal. From within large corporations to family businesses, I have honed my skills in project management, financial analysis, and creative process improvement to allocate resources effectively.

UX and Agile

User experience design has become a fascination, similar to when I first encountered Agile. The thought-leaders in these fields are my continuing education, inspiring new methods and fostering a community of improvement in software development.


Majoring in both Mathematics and English years ago served to develop both halves of the brain, allowing me to excel at both analytical and creative functions. Balance is also visible in my temperament: patient when need be, motivated for immediate action when the situation calls for it.


Much enjoyable work occurs when all the pieces come together - and helping make that happen with a large group of people is particularly rewarding. Though not a programmer, I work to stay half-fluent in their languages to communicate clear requirements. To connect with stakeholder objectives, I think in terms of the bottom line and market share. I dive into data analysis to gain traction to the shifting points of consumer access, and encourage the best out of each member in self-organizing teams to achieve valuable working products. Outside of work, I tutor elementary children in a reading program and assist my wife in leading a healthy-eating organization because participating in one's local community is just another way of joining a big and important team.

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